Lucie Páchová / born in Czech Republic

The core of my artistic practice is the interest in listening and various layers of listening experience. I explore it in my voice, improvisations, compositions, performances, field recordings, sound installations, videos or teaching/sharing. 

I often work with voice, field recordings, sounds of found objects, prepared zither, simple electronics or movement to interact with people, places, animals or objects around.

As I find important impulses while traveling and moving, encounters with different music cultures and sound environments are often reflected in music that I make with different groups.

Sharing through workshops, sessions or teaching is a key part of my practice because  I believe that through collective research on listening and improvisation, it is possible to increase sensitivity and understanding in general.

I am currently preparing new albums recorded with my Talaqpo quintet and two new quartets that I founded in 2021. In the spring of 2022 I will release a solo record of compositions drawing on my field recordings from abandoned villages in Bulgaria.

For getting in touch, questions, booking or teaching, contact me!

email: luciepachovalucie@gmail.com

tel: +420603110813