imaginary garden

audio-walk at Bratislava playground

Guided audio-walk at an abandoned park with a playground on Žabotova street in Bratislava. Although the park is located next to the main train station, the place has  been unmaintained for several years and turned into a wasteland with relics of merry-go-rounds and rubbish. I invited friends and we cleaned the grass, made makeshift wooden benches, feeders for birds, a place for compost and beds to plant garlic. Our intention was to make the place more welcoming. The audio piece/sound composition for headphones provokes the listener´s imagination to envision various alternatives of interaction with public space. Composed from the audio fragments taken at various spots in Bratislava, the sound image  of an imaginary garden blooming and decaying draws in the listener´s mind.   

The piece was created during the Visegrad Sound Art Residency and presented 12/1/2020 at A4 cultural space, Bratislava

Please use your headphones for listening the audio for a walk: