voisphere/sound massage

Voisphere: sound massage was created for the wooden sculpture Sphere by Juraj Gabor in Nová Synagoga, Žilina, Slovakia, at the final phase of its construction. The idea of the work is to experience space through sound and to experience sound through the body. The visitor is invited to explore the acoustic specifics of the synagogue and its transformation caused by the presence of the wooden sculpture. Layers of voices and overtone scales resonating in space trigger the sonic mass, through which a person can experience the sound moving in the space while actually moving in the space. The second part invites the body to experience the sound through resonating wooden sculpture.  Strong sound massage of low sine waves and interferences transmitted in high volumes cause trembling of the body in various wave-shapes. The sound bath culminates in a 4-channel sound installation composed of field recordings and live  zither sounds in extremely low dynamics.  

The piece was curated by mappa  and first performed on 29/9/2021.

Video presenting the project was made by Luna Maldonado.