can´t take it

Video created with Maria Komarova and Klaas Boelen (2021)

Video was made in support of protesters at demonstrations against the totalitarian regime in Belarus. It is dedicated to people detained during protests.

Can´t take it comes from the feeling of frustration and hopelessness on one hand and  the need to go out to the streets on the other. The behaviour of “our” objects is out of control. They oppose manipulation, defy oppression. Barriers in space create pool for interaction. Just as Don Quixote struggles  windmills, cappuccino mixers tremble for freedom. Do they have a choice? Mass demonstration and endless collisions with barriers until the batteries run off or total insanity seems to be the only option.

The video was premiered at the festival Pohyb-zvuk-meziprostor by Bludný Kámen 17/12/2020