collective audio-visual performance/ work-in-progress

Photos from peformance in Punctum, 1.11.22. Prague

The members of oBora (Páchová-Švejnar-Boelen-Nunčič) are connected by their interest in variable layers of perception, listening to different places, extreme levels of dynamics and connecting raw visualities and objects. Their previous collaborations are interwoven across various musical, scenic and audiovisual projects. oBora is based on anger, noise, failure, screaming, dry beats, sinusoids, apathy, fragmented statements, shallow porpagabdas of pathos, telescopic images, silence and mutual misunderstanding. By common definition, a game preserve is a piece of forest surrounded by a fence preventing the movement of people and animals out or in.

Lucie Páchová – voice, field recordings
Jakub Švejnar – drums, no-input mix
Jana Nunčič – set design, costumes
Klaas Boelen- video, field recordings
Zuzana Kantorová- performance