sound installation for headphones and speakers

foto: Prokopius

Sit back in the chair, put on your headphones, close your eyes, don’t think about anything.

An intense, almost relaxing massage with sounds and vibrations created by voice and low sine waves. Through the different phases and massage techniques, the voice will guide you through the terrain of the auditory system, its bends, nooks and crannies and the connections between the right and left ear. It massages the eardrums with soft sounds, vibrates the ear canals with balanced frequencies and examines the imaginary connections between the two ears and selected muscles and tissues. The perception of the gentle vibrations of the resonating chair will connect with the perception of the sound impulses in the headphones. The ten-minute multi-channel VoiSineAgge sound assumes a specific audio-corporal experience.

Premiered at Festival New Music Exposition in October 2022